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  1. WebinarsMay 21, 2015

    Informatica Cloud Spring 2015 Release Webinar

    The Informatica Cloud Spring 2015 release features a number of platform enhancements designed to make your data integration projects easier and more secure. Join the Informatica Cloud Product Management Team as they review and demonstrate the new features and capabilities.

  2. WebinarsOctober 27, 2014

    How Schneider Electric Transformed Front-office Operations With Real-time Data

    Many of the world's corporations use to drive their front office and while most experience success others encounter roadblocks and difficulties as their Salesforce footprint grows. This webinar explains how Schneider Electric SE, a multinational corporation that specializes in electricity distribution, automation management and components product for energy management, used Informatica Cloud to improve the operational efficiency of their front-office.

  3. WebinarsAugust 4, 2014

    Democratizing Data with SAP and Salesforce1 Integration

    The Salesforce1 platform's intuitive user experience enables business users to easily access and use their business data from any device. Learn how Addivant™, a leading global specialty chemicals supplier of polymer additives, used Informatica Cloud to integrate key sales, pricing and operational data from SAP and

  4. WebinarsNovember 26, 2014

    Informatica Cloud Winter 2015 R21 Release Pre-release Webinar

    Cloud Product Management team reviews the key features and benefits of the Informatica Cloud R21 Winter Release. Agenda includes: • Connectivity Improvements • New Cloud Designer Features • Demo: Cloud Designer • Real-time Integration Updates • Demo: Real-time Integration • Platform-level Enhancements • Cloud Customer Support Offerings • Q&A

  5. WebinarsDecember 13, 2011

    Cloud Integration for Financial Services Organizations

    Joint webinar with Silverline CRM, a salesforce consulting partner, and PSA Insurance & Financial Services, an Informatica Cloud customer.

  6. WebinarsDecember 13, 2011

    Right Approach to Salesforce and SAP Integration

    Wondering which approach is right for your organization - staging vs. direct application integration? Be sure to watch this interactive webinar to hear from the experts and to see a live Informatica Cloud demonstration.

  7. WebinarsDecember 13, 2011

    Run Your Insurance Agency in the Cloud

    Informatica and webinar featuring a customer case study and demonstration from Frank Crystal Insurance.

  8. WebinarsDecember 13, 2011

    Accelerate SaaS Application Adoption with Cloud-Based Data Integration

    Flexera customer webinar and interactive Informatica Cloud demonstration.

  9. WebinarsDecember 13, 2011

    Dreamforce 2011: Salesforce Integration in Review

    Overview of cloud integration best practices and an interactive demonstration of Informatica Cloud data integration in action.

  10. WebinarsDecember 13, 2011

    Rapid Integration for Salesforce and Oracle ERP

    October 2011 webinar delivered by Informatica Cloud and RAE Systems outlining how to integrate and Oracle eBusiness Suite.