1. Customer Success Stories

    The Travel Corporation’s Customer Journey with Informatica Cloud Customer 360

    With Informatica Cloud Customer 360 for Salesforce, The Travel Corporation efficiently manages all customer interactions across 30 brands, in 60 countries and through mobile, social, phone and web communication channels.

  2. Demos

    Moving Data to the Salesforce Analytics Cloud - Demo

    Salesforce Wave provides business analysts with self-service data discovery, exploration, and visualization. See how Informatica Cloud’s broad connectivity to relational databases such as IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle, companies can easily bring their ...

  3. Demos

    Getting Started with Informatica Cloud

    Watch this video to learn how to set up a data synchronization task from downloading the secure agent to creating a connection.

  4. Data Wizard

    Informatica Cloud Data Wizard - Next Gen Data Loader

    The Informatica Cloud Data Wizard is a next-gen data loader built natively into Salesforce, designed for any user. It offers one-touch bi-directional data loads for flat-files, databases, and other cloud, and on-premises apps. Informatica Cloud’s ...

  5. Demos

    Using the Cloud Mapping Designer for Advanced Redshift Integrations

    The Informatica Cloud Mapping Designer lets you perform a lot of advanced transformations such as merging, joining, sorting data and much more. These transformations are necessary before the data can be pushed into AWS Redshift ...

  6. Demos

    Cloud data synchronization from Amazon RDS to Redshift

    Most data needs to be put into a staging area so that it can be cleaned and transformed before being loaded into Redshift. Informatica Cloud’s broad array of connectivity allows this data to be staged ...

  • Data Wizard

    Learn about Informatica Cloud next generation data loader.

  • Customer Success Stories

    Hear from Informatica Cloud customers.

  • Informatica Cloud Connectivity

    Find out about Informatica Cloud’s connectivity to SaaS applications, on-premise ERP systems, databases, files and social data sources.

  • Webinars

    Watch one of our monthly webinars, which feature customers, partners, and thought leaders in cloud integration.

  • Demos

    Get an overview of key Informatica Cloud features and new release updates also available on our community.

  • #Techtuesdays

    Join the Informatica Cloud team for #TechTuesdays, a weekly hands-on webinar series where we dive into SaaS application integration best practices and bring in the experts to share tips and tricks. Register here.