1. Webinars

    Informatica Cloud Winter 2014 Webinar

    Informatica Cloud Winter 2014 is the latest release of the award-winning Informatica Cloud family of cloud-based integration and data management cloud solutions. Used by more than 2500 organizations and processing over 60 billion transactions per month, the new release delivers capabilities to easily create integration processes that span any organization's data, service and business boundaries.

  2. Customer Success Stories

    Intuit expands to cloud application integration with Informatica Cloud

    Intuit has been an Informatica customer for years, but when they started adopting cloud solutions like Salesforce, they needed a solution to meet their needs.

  3. Webinars

    How Seagate Unlocked Its Back Office with Informatica & Salesforce

    Seagate, a world leader in storage solutions, wanted to improve employee productivity with modern cloud and mobile apps that could be delivered quickly, cost-effectively and be easily updated to meet changing business requirements. In addition, the new apps had to seamlessly integrate with data from Oracle ERP using Informatica.

  4. About Us

    Data challenges of moving to a hybrid IT environment

    During this interview, Juan Carlos Soto, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Informatica Cloud talks about the rapid adoption of cloud applications and explains the data challenges that result from a hybrid IT environment. He also provides actionable advice for data integration developers on how to leverage their existing expertise in a hybrid IT environment.

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    Find out about Informatica Cloud’s connectivity to SaaS applications, on-premise ERP systems, databases, files and social data sources.

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    Watch one of our monthly webinars, which feature customers, partners, and thought leaders in cloud integration.

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    Join the Informatica Cloud team for #TechTuesdays, a weekly hands-on webinar series where we dive into SaaS application integration best practices and bring in the experts to share tips and tricks. Register here.